Vision Vibe 100+ Fly Line

Vision Vibe 100+ Fly Line


New design, new coating and new colour.

The running line is thinner than on the original with a 4 metres long thicker handling section just behind the head. The coating on this new version is the same proven coating we use on our Tane and Vibe 85+ lines. The coating is extremely slick and performs best at normal conditions in freshwater fishing between 0-25° Celsius. We also changed the colour of the line to a stealthier willow green head with a tan running line. The head is 10 metres / 30.5 feet long and is therefore a great all-round fly line. The low stretch core helps you to feel the takes and it also transfers casting energy better than traditional cores. The ready-made loop in the front makes it easy to attach the leader. The front loop also has print on it to identify weights.

Phthalate free.

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VRP3FWF3Floating123gr/8g32.8ft88.6ftWillow Green/Tan£89.993TBC
VRP4FWF4Floating154gr/10g32.8ft88.6ftWillow Green/Tan£89.991TBC
VRP5FWF5Floating185gr/12g32.8ft88.6ftWillow Green/Tan£89.991TBC
VRP6FWF6Floating231gr/15g32.8ft88.6ftWillow Green/Tan£89.991TBC
VRP7FWF7Floating262gr/17g32.8ft88.6ftWillow Green/Tan£89.992TBC
VRP8FWF8Floating293gr/19g32.8ft88.6ftWillow Green/Tan£89.992TBC

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