Vision Vibe 85+ Fly Line

Vision Vibe 85+ Fly Line


Our number one selling line Vibe 85+ with the same coating as we have in our Tane line.

The Vibe 85+ is super slick and will stay that way even in warmer conditions. We also added line identification prints in the tip. Vibe 85+ has a 8.5 metre / 27.9 feet long head. It is at its best in places with limited casting space and performs extremely well with switch and spey style casts. The low stretch core helps you to feel the takes and it also transfers casting energy better than normal cores. The aggressive front taper turns even heavier weighted nymphs and streamers over with ease The ready-made loop in the front makes it easy to attach the leader. The front loop also has print on it to identify between weights and densities.

Phthalate free.

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Vibe 85+ Floating

VKL3FWF3Floating123gr/8g27.9ft88.6ftIvory White/Yellow£89.990TBC
VKL4FWF4Floating154gr/10g27.9ft88.6ftIvory White/Yellow£89.991TBC
VKL5FWF5Floating185gr/12g27.9ft88.6ftIvory White/Yellow£89.990TBC
VKL6FWF6Floating231gr/15g27.9ft88.6ftIvory White/Yellow£89.994TBC
VKL7FWF7Floating262gr/17g27.9ft88.6ftIvory White/Yellow£89.993TBC
VKL8FWF8Floating293gr/19g27.9ft88.6ftIvory White/Yellow£89.993TBC

Vibe 85+ Sink3 head

VKL5S3WF5Float Running Line/Sink3 Head185gr/12g27.9ft88.6ftYellow/Black£89.991TBC
VKL6S3WF6Float Running Line/Sink3 Head231gr/15g27.9ft88.6ftYellow/Black£89.990TBC
VKL7S3WF7Float Running Line/Sink3 Head262gr/17g27.9ft88.6ftYellow/Black£89.990TBC

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