wader-care-photo01Whether you use your waders once a year or once a week they need to be cleaned, dried and stored correctly. The main area to focus on is the inside of the wader. Let us look at why?

Even though your waders are breathable and moisture is allowed to escape, some condensation may still appear on the inside. Although much of this will escape some of the moisture will build up which in turn will collect dust, dirt and fabric from clothing, a perfect breeding ground for mold/mildew and this is where the problems begin if you do not care for your waders.

Mold only needs three things to grow: a food source (dirt); a source of moisture (condensation); and a place to grow (your waders). Once the microscopic spores take hold and begin to grow they will break down the breathability of the fabric and cause damage to the membrane causing your waders to leak. Keep them clean and you’ll never have this problem!


Remove all contents from storage pockets. Items left in pockets can collect moisture and soon begin the mold process. Turn your waders inside out and hang them upright. Hanging them this way creates for better air circulation. Allow the inside of your waders to fully dry but do not dry in direct sunlight. Once the inside has dried turn them the right way and repeat the drying process. When you are happy that your waders are 100% dry, fold them gently and store in a cool dry environment. Do not throw them crumpled up in a corner as the material on the outside may soon become damaged by lack of air circulation.


Turn your waders inside out and start by removing any debris paying particular attention to the foot area. Using warm water and a soft sponge gently rub the entire surface of the fabric. Once complete, rinse thoroughly and dry as described above. Repeat the cleaning process for the outside of the fabric and again fully dry before storing.

* Waders can be machine washed on a very low temperature but we do not recommend this. No detergent should be used in the cleaning process and even if you do not add this to the washing machine it may still have traces left inside which could damage the membrane and void your warrant.

wader-care-photo03Zip Care

When wearing your zip waders only have the zip fully up or fully down NEVER in between. This will prevent unnecessary stress on the zip, preventing zip failure.

Cleaning the zip of the waders will also ensure it is in good working order. Fully open the zip and using some mild washing liquid and a toothbrush, gently clean up and down the teeth of the zip on both the inside and outside. Then wash it down with clean water.

Your Mobile Phone

Please take care and the necessary precautions when carrying valuable electronics such as Smartphones, Electronic Car keys and Cameras. As with most manufacturers, the pockets (both internal and external) on waders we supply are not usually waterproof to withstand submersion. The Zippers fitted will normally be quoted as “Water-resistant” i.e. Rainproof, rather than Waterproof.

Wading deep enough that water sits above the black Zip line on an outside pocket will usually mean that water can get in. To add to the problem, once inside the water will likely stay in the pocket along with your valuables.

Using internal pockets will always safeguard from this. It’s still not guaranteed to save you should that day come when your waders fill up with water so to absolutely safe we recommend investing in one of the many waterproof pouches available out there for the things you can’t leave safely on dry land.

“The vast majority of leaking waders can easily be prevented. Fly fishing wade are a technical part of our customers’ equipment so following our care and maintenance guide will help ensure they fit correctly, stay clean and keep you dry longer than if you neglected them”
Paul – Wader Specialist