Vision Feel 115 Fly Line


Vision Feel 115 Fly Line


Feel 115 has a 11.5m head and it is designed as a true all-round fly line. It has enough power in the front taper to cast streamers and long leaders for dry fly fishing. The running line is white and the head is 2 coloured with a brighter green main body for good visibility for the angler and a dark olive tip for a stealthy approach on clear waters. The Feel 115 lays extremely straight on the surface which ensures great contact and feel for the flies. The line has small loops on both ends for attaching backing and leader. The line weight is clearly printed on the front loop

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Feel Floating

NEWVFL3FWF3Floating123gr/8g37.7ft98.4ftDark Olive/Light Green£79.99
NEWVFL4FWF4Floating154gr/10g37.7ft98.4ftDark Olive/Light Green£79.99
NEWVFL5FWF5Floating185gr/12g37.7ft98.4ftDark Olive/Light Green£79.99
NEWVFL6FWF6Floating216gr/14g37.7ft98.4ftDark Olive/Light Green£79.99
NEWVFL7FWF7Floating247gr/16g37.7ft98.4ftDark Olive/Light Green£79.99

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