Vision Prisma Fluorocarbon Tippet

Vision Prisma Fluorocarbon Tippet


Prisma has great knot strength and it is easy to tie, thanks to a special coating and slightly bigger stretch. It is still hard material so it gives you great turnover if you are using heavily weighted flies and because of fluorocarbon’s density it sinks, making it ideal for wet fly use.

Slightly harder option than Space Fluoro.

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VFT88X50m2lb / 0.9kg0.09mm£10.99
VFT77X50m3.3lb / 1.5kg0.12mm£10.99
VFT66X50m4.2lb / 1.9kg0.14mm£10.99
VFT55X50m5.3lb / 2.4kg0.16mm£10.99
VFT44X50m6.2lb / 2.8kg0.18mm£10.99
VFT33X50m7.5lb / 3.4kg0.21mm£10.99
VFT22X50m10.3lb / 4.7kg0.23mm£10.99
VFT11X50m11lb / 5kg0.26mm£10.99
VFT00X50m13lb / 5.9kg0.28mm£10.99
VFT3115lb30m15lb / 6.8kg0.31mm£10.99
VFT3316.5lb30m16.5lb / 7.5kg0.33mm£10.99
VFT3620.7lb30m20.7lb / 9.4kg0.36mm£10.99
VFT3922.7lb30m22.7lb / 10.3kg0.39mm£10.99
VFT4225lb30m25lb / 11.4kg0.42mm£10.99
VFT4627.5lb30m27.5lb / 12.5kg0.46mm£10.99
VFT4931lb30m31lb / 14kg0.49mm£10.99

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