Choosing the Right Sink Tip


There are a lot of different types of sink tips on the market, but which tip is the best one to use? We break down some of the RIO options here.
RIO’s  series of sinking tips, called “iMOW’s”, are based on the hugely successful MOW tips, but built with an intermediate section instead of the floating section.
Each iMOW is built with a translucent intermediate section, attached to a level length of T-11 (Medium) or T14 (Heavy), and features a welded loop in both ends for fast rigging.
The intermediate section of the iMOWs create a fantastic transition between a floating Skagit head and the fast sinking tip for perfect depth control and the utmost in strike detection.



 Replacement Tips are available in 10ft and 15ft lengths. These tips have a front taper and a lot less weight than their respective iMOW tips. This means they are excellent for smaller flies and a less heavy presentation.
Each tip has a colour coded loop at the rear, and is printed with the tip size. Attach the printed end to the fly line. Please use the chart below to find the correct code.
– Front Loop
– Back Loop
– Easy ID loops
– Density Compensation
– (S3 and S6 Tips)
They are the perfect tip to go on the front end of VersiTip type lines


FAST SINKING, LEVEL TUNGSTEN TIPS that sink like a rock. These fast sinking, level tips use tungsten powder for density, not lead and, as a result, are supple, do not kink and sink like a rock.
Built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore, they are extremely sensitive to soft grabs and ensure fast, solid hook sets.
The tips are colour-coded for quick identification and are made with an easy-to-weld coating, allowing anglers and retailers alike to make fast, neat welded loops.
Each tip is designed to be cut and tuned to the angler’s individual fishing and casting requirements.
With no floating or intermediate sections this tip sinks the fastest and deepest of all, and with so much mass will also cast the largest of flies.
In addition this tip can be cut, allowing anglers to tune their tip length to the water and weather conditions. It is a perfect choice for Skagit heads.



VersiLeaders are sinking leaders with long tapers. They are a great addition to a floating line to make a temporary tip and will cast small flies very well, but lack the mass and sinking material of a true sink tip.
RIO’S SPEY VERSILEADERS are designed for the spey angler, with strong nylon cores in excess of 25 lbs and a range of different sinking (and floating) densities. They are a great addition to Spey lines and Scandinavian style heads and provide the angler with a wide range of quick-change depth options.
The Kit contains one each of the 10’ VersiLeaders (6 in total) and comes in a RIO leader Wallet.
Scandi/AFS Lines #9 and higher
Spey Lines #8 and higher
Light Skagit Lines



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