Vision Lift Wader

Vision Lift Wader


Lift waders are made from a highly technical, soft, extremely comfortable materials. With a NoSeam curved cut for the perfect fit, the lower part’s thicker material comes up to the waist to ensure strength where you need it most. The upper part is extended high so this wader is ideal for those who like deep wading. The front pocket is made from lightweight and stretchable fabric for comfortable storage. A waterproof, clear TPU pocket is also provided which is removable for further placement inside or outside of the pocket.

Lift system allows you to adjust the height of the waders anywhere from waist to chest height. This makes them a great all-round wader as in summer heat you can drop them down to cool yourself but within seconds you can pull them up, for example if you need to cross the river or otherwise wade deep.



  • Adjustable height from waist to normal height
  • Lightweight 4-layer construction
  • Waterproof and breathable F4™ fabric
  • Curved NoSeam™ cut for perfect fit
  • A large stretchable pocket in front
  • Built-in gravel guards
  • Neoprene feet with left and right side design
  • Drying loops
  • Womens cut available in small and medium

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Lift Waders Regular

SKUSIZEPriceStockNext Due
V8604SRegular Small£369.990TBC
V8604MRegular Medium£369.990TBC
V8604LRegular Large£369.992TBC
V8604XLRegular XL£369.990TBC
V8604XXLRegular XXL£369.990TBC

Lift Waders King

SKUSIZEPriceStockNext Due
V8604MKMedium King£369.990TBC
V8604LKLarge King£369.990TBC

Lift Waders Long

SKUSIZEPriceStockNext Due
V8604MLMedium Long£369.990TBC
V8604LLLarge Long£369.990TBC

Lift Waders Womens

SKUSIZEPriceStockNext Due
V8604WSWomens Small£369.990TBC
V8604WMWomens Medium£369.990TBC

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