Sage Sonic Fly Rod

Sage Sonic Fly Rod

Multi Application / Fast Action

  • Covers A Variety Of Applications
  • Premium Blank And Componentry
  • More Accuracy And Lighter Weight
Whether laying down dry flies with finesse or delivering streamers to distant reaches, the SONIC family of rods provides uncompromised versatility, with a balance of power and feel. Delightfully crisp and lightweight, the SONIC has a level of performance that stands out from the crowd with a fast action taper designed to cover a wide range of fishing applications from dry fly, streamers, to nymphing - floating lines to sinking. Built on Konnetic Technology blanks, casts with the SONIC are as intuitive as they are natural - responsive in hand with excellent tracking qualities. Ready for any application the day has instore.
Dressed in a Juniper shaft color with Hardwood insert (anodized aluminum matte slate on fighting-butt models), and charcoal thread wraps that blend into the blank accents, the SONIC sports a timeless and elegant look that fits into most any fly fishing environment. Handcrafted in the USA and packaged in a premium rod bag and tube, we’ve pulled out all the stops to create a family of rods ideal for any application - any angler.
Cast With Confidence.


  • Konnetic Technology
  • Juniper blank color
  • Charcoal primary thread wraps with Gunmetal trim wraps
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top

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SONIC Specifications

2049-376-437'6"2 7/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS25 1/2"£749.00
2049-390-439'0"2 1/2oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS30"£749.00
2049-486-448'6"2 9/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS28 1/2"£749.00
2049-490-449'0"2 5/8oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 30"£749.00
2049-586-458'6"2 11/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 28 1/2"£749.00
2049-590-459'0"2 3/4oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 30"£749.00
2049-596-459'6"3 1/8oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 31 1/2"£749.00
2049-690-469'0"3oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 30"£749.00
2049-691-469'0" (METAL)3 3/8oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB30"£749.00
2049-697-46 9'6"3 9/16oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB31 1/2"£749.00
2049-790-479'0"3 11/16oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB30"£749.00
2049-796-479'6"3 13/16oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB31 1/2"£749.00
2049-7100-4710'0"3 15/16oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB33"£749.00
2049-890-489'0"3 3/4oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB30"£749.00
2049-896-489'6"3 7/8oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB31 1/2"£749.00
2049-8100-4810'0"4 1/16oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB33"£749.00

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