Vision Ace Leaders

Vision Ace Leaders

Product Description

The short 6 feet leader is designed to give maximum turnover for big flies. It can be used with fast sinking shooting and Skagit heads to take your fly really deep. This is also a good base to build your own pike leader by adding a piece of wire at the tip

9 feet version is at its best with single hand fishing for bigger fish. It is also good choice for slower sinking shooting heads.

The 12 and 15 feet leaders are great for all around salmon and steelhead fishing.

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VAL631N/S VISION ACELEADER 6ft 0.31MM 15LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL634N/S VISION ACELEADER 6ft 0.34MM 18LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL638N/S VISION ACELEADER 6ft 0.38MM 20LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL643N/S VISION ACELEADER 6ft 0.43MM 25LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL931N/S VISION ACE LEADER 9ft 0.31MM 15LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL934N/S VISION ACE LEADER 9ft 0.34MM 18LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL938N/S VISION ACE LEADER 9ft 0.38MM 20LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL943N/S VISION ACELEADER 9ft 0.43MM 25LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL1231N/S VISION ACE LEADER 12ft 0.31MM 15LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL1234N/S VISION ACE LEADER 12ft 0.34MM 18LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL1238N/S VISION ACE LEADER 12ft 0.38MM 20LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL1243N/S VISION ACELEADER 12ft 0.43MM 25LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL1531N/S VISION ACE LEADER 15ft 0.31MM 15LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL1534N/S VISION ACE LEADER 15ft 0.34MM 18LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL1538N/S VISION ACE LEADER 15ft 0.38MM 20LB (Order x 10)£9.99
VAL1543N/S VISION ACELEADER 15ft 0.43MM 25LB (Order x 10)£9.99

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