Sage Igniter Blank

Sage Igniter Blank

Ultra Fast Action

Our blanks are the heart and soul of the rod and make a perfect canvas. We provide you with the best in fly rod technology and all you have to do is dress it to match your unique style. All of our blanks are still proudly hand built and designed here on Bainbridge Island, WA.
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Igniter Blank Specifications

SKULineLengthPiecesPriceStockNext Due
SRBIG490449'4£419.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG590459'4£419.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG690469'4£419.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG691469'L4£419.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG697469'6"4£419.000ON REQUEST
1038-6119-4611'9"4£575.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG61264612'6"4£550.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG790479'4£419.000ON REQUEST
1038-7119-4711'9"4£575.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG71264712'6"4£550.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG890489'4£419.000ON REQUEST
1038-8119-4811'9"4£575.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG81364813'6"4£550.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG990499'4£419.000ON REQUEST
1038-9119-4911'9"4£575.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG91404914'4£550.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG10904109'4£419.000ON REQUEST
SRBIG1015041015'4£550.000ON REQUEST

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