Rio Fluoroflex Steelhead/Salmon Leaders

Rio Fluoroflex Steelhead/Salmon Leaders


Leaders are made from 100% fluorocarbon and have high abrasion resistance and great knot strength.

RIO's Fluoroflex steelhead/salmon leaders are made of 100% fluorocarbon, and are the perfect solution for when a nearly invisible presentation is required in low, clear rivers and for spooky summer-run fish. Each leader has high abrasion resistance and excellent tensile and knot strength and a long butt section that will turn over flies effortlessly.


  • 100% fluorocarbon for the utmost in stealth
  • Long butt section for great turnover and presentation
  • Hand tied perfection loop in the butt for quick rigging

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Fluoroflex Steelhead / Salmon Leader

SKULengthTestDiameterPriceStockNext Due
6-245209ft / 3m8lb / 4kg0.009in / 0.229mm£15.990ON REQUEST
6-245219ft / 3m10lb / 5kg0.010in / 0.254mm£15.990TBC
6-245229ft / 3m 12lb / 6kg0.011in / 0.279mm£15.990TBC
6-245239ft / 3m 16lb / 8kg0.013in / 0.330mm£15.990TBC
6-245249ft / 3m 20lb / 10kg0.015in / 0.381mm£15.990TBC

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