RIO Elite Scandi Outbound Body


RIO Elite Scandi Outbound Body


THE ULTIMATE SCANDI LINE for Sink Tips and large flies

  • Short Head Loads quickly and is perfect where space is restricted
  • Loading Point marker shows how to get the very best load out of the line
  • Low Stretch ConnectCore Plus for the best in control, performance and smoothness
  • Use with RIO 10’ or 15’ Interchangeable tips for ultimate versatility

The Elite Scandi OutBound Body is an easy casting integrated shooting head, designed specially to deliver RIO’s 10’ and 15’ Replacement Tips **Available separately** It’s the ideal Scandi line for fishing deeper, with large flies and for travel, where one set of tips will cover a wide range of water conditions. A great line choice when casting space is tight. The short, rear-loaded head makes lifting and delivering sink tips a breeze.

Body-only, RIO interchangeable tip needed **Available separately**

10FT RIO Interchangeable Tip - Switch & Short Spey rods to 13ft

15FT RIO Interchangeable Tip - Spey rods of 13ft and longer


  • Loading Point
  • Easy ID
  • Front and Back Welded Loop
  • ConnectCore Plus
  • SlickCast

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Elite Scandi Outbound Body

NEWISB77Floating350 grains/22.7g22ft110ftStraw#7£119.99
NEWISB88Floating400 grains/25.9g22ft115ftStraw#8£119.99
NEWISB99Floating455 grains/29.5g22ft115ftStraw#9£119.99
NEWISB1010Floating500 grains/32.4g23ft117ftStraw#10£119.99
NEWISB1111Floating540 grains/35.0g24ft121ftStraw#10£119.99

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