Loon x Ahrex Flexi Stripper Stripping Basket


Loon x Ahrex Flexi Stripper Stripping Basket

An easy-to-use solution for preventing tangles in stripped line

Any time shooting lines are involved a stripping basket is somewhere between a helpful tool and an essential piece of gear. Comfortable to wear, easy to carry and intuitive to use, the Flexistripper is an improvement on traditional stripping baskets. The side-free design and flexible pegs capture line so that you can stay focused on fishing rather than line management.


  • Flexible pegs catch line easily
  • Improves casting distance
  • Minimizes tangles caused by line resting in the current
  • Side-less design allows for easier use
  • Flexible high-quality neoprene belt is worn comfortably and adjusted easily

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