Vision XLV Nymph Fly Reels

Vision XLV Nymph Fly Reels


The Vision XLV NYMPH reels, a super-narrow large arbour reel for the modern nymph fisherman. Thanks to the large arbour, you can quickly reel in any loose line and play fish off the reel, and a full-body rim prevents thin nymph lines and leaders from slipping and causing jams. The disc brake has been modified for lighter tippets and is super smooth with a 360-degree adjustment and we have added an EVA handle that provides a solid grip even in cold wet conditions. A matt black finish with green accents complements our Nymphmaniac rods and minimises glare.

Available in two sizes

#4/5 Designed to weight nymph rods up to 10ft : Engraved Nymph decal

#5/6 Designed to weight nymph rods over 10ft : Engraved Dry Fly decal





  • Full rim design
  • Lightweight models
  • Anodised
  • Large arbour with hidden counter balance
  • Adjustable smooth disc brake

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XLV Nymph Fly Reel Specifications

VLV56N4/595mm120gWF4 + 40m/20lbNymph£229.99
VLV56ND5/6105mm131gWF5 + 50m/20lbNymph & Dry£229.99

XLV Nymph Fly Reel Spools


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