Vision Travel Rod Tubes

Vision Travel Rod Tubes

These are great tubes for the destination angler who wants to carry several rods at once.

These are available in four different lengths; 82cm for 4-piece rods up to 10ft, 110cm for 3-piece rods up to 11ft, 140cm for 4-piece DH rods up to 17ft and 160cm for 3-piece DH rods up to 15ft (each length is the maximum length for a rod part) and their inside diameter is 10cm.

There is a carry on handle, adjustable shoulder strap, address card pocket and protective end caps on both ends.

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VTTB110Cloth BagUp to 3 piece 11ft110£34.990ON REQUEST
VTTB160Cloth BagUp to 3 piece 15ft DH160£34.990ON REQUEST
VTT82YRod TubeUp to 4 piece 10ft82£54.991026/05/2021
VTT110YRod TubeUp to 3 piece 11ft110£59.99120/06/2021
VTT140YRod TubeUp to 4 piece 17ft DH140£69.991226/05/2021
VTT160YRod TubeUp to 3 piece 15ft DH160£69.99926/05/2021

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