Vision Hero Fly Rod

Vision Hero Fly Rod


Take Your Fly Fishing Experience To The Next Level With Hero

Being a fly fishing hero doesn't mean you have to break the bank! These affordable medium-fast action fly rods have features for beginners and serious competition anglers alike, bringing a new level of performance to the entry-level category. All of the rods are fine-tuned for the type of fly fishing they are most likely used for. Whether you want to be a Super Hero on many types of fly water, a Nymphing Hero or rule on UK Stillwaters with the Still Hero, these fly rods have the actions and components for the job. Learn how to fly fish or take your fly fishing experience to the next level with the Vision Hero range today.

Match your Hero Fly Rod with the VISION HERO FLY REEL for a perfectly balanced setup.



The 10FT #7 Still Hero fly rod has a powerful, fast action and speedy recovery through the tip, lending itself to ‘sunk line’ work and pinpoint accuracy with dries and nymphs. The STILL HERO gives an incredible all-around performance at £249 RRP!


The 10FT #3 Nymph Hero fly rod provides sensitive nymphing-specific action with plenty of backbone deep in the blank and is loaded with technical features found normally on top-end euro nymphing rods at a £249 RRP! ⁠this is the new NYMPH HERO.⁠


  • Affordable, high-quality medium-fast action fly rods
  • Ideal for beginners and serious competition anglers alike
  • Fine-tuned for the type of fishing they are most likely used at
  • Easy flex and feel nature makes close range and delicate fishing an absolute joy
  • Each model has a name that describes the personality of the rod
  • The action and components of each model has been designed for specific use in mind
  • The Nymph Hero #3 and #4 have a down-locking reel seat to balance the long rods
  • Nymph models also have small single leg guides with tight spacing to prevent sag

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VHE4703Little Hero3 7'0"62g4Half Wells£229.99
VHE4103Nymph Hero3 10'0"78g4Half Wells, EVA FB, Down-Locking Reel£249.99
VHE41063Nymph Hero310'6"80g4Half Wells, EVA FB, Down-Locking Reel Seat£249.99
VHE4804Dry Hero4 8'0"69g4Half Wells£229.99
VHE4104Nymph Hero4 10'0"80g4Half Wells, EVA FB, Down-Locking Reel Seat£249.99
VHE4905Super Hero5 9'0"81g4Half Wells£229.99
VHE4906River Hero6 9'0"95g4Small Full Wells, EVA FB, Aluminum Reel Seat£229.99
VHE4996Still Hero6 9'9"100g4Full Wells, EVA FB£249.99
VHE4907Coast Hero7 9'0"105g4Full Wells, EVA FB, Aluminum Reel Seat£249.99
VHE4967Long Hero7 9'6"97g4Full Wells, EVA FB£249.99
VHE4107Still Hero7 10'0"107g4Full Wells, EVA FB£249.99

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