Vision Hero Fly Rod


Vision Hero Fly Rod


Being a hero on the water doesn't mean you have to break the bank. These affordable medium-fast action fly rods have features for beginners and serious competition anglers alike, bringing a new level of performance to the entry-level category. All of the rods are fine-tuned for the type of fishing they are most likely used at. Whether you want to be a Super Hero on many types of waters, a Nymphing Hero or rule on Stillwaters these rods have the actions and components for the job.


A sensitive nymph specific action with plenty of backbone deep in the blank is loaded with technical features found normally on top-end nymphing rods at a £199 RRP! ⁠this is the new NYMPH HERO.⁠


A powerful fast action and speedy recovery through the tip lends itself to ‘sunk line’ work and pinpoint accuracy with dries and nymphs. The STILL HERO gives an incredible all-around performance at £199 RRP!


  • Medium fast action
  • Vivid Yellow blanks with black markings
  • The action and components of each model has been designed for specific use in mind
  • Each model has a name that describes the personality of the rod
  • Half wells handle in lighter models
  • Full wells handle with a fighting butt in the heavier models
  • The Nymph Hero #3 and #4 have a down-locking reel seat to balance the long rods
  • Nymph models also have small single leg guides with tight spacing to prevent sag
  • Brown round Cordura tube

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SKULineLengthWEIGHTPIECESNamePriceStockNext Due
VHE47033 7'0"62g4Little Hero£199.9918TBC
VHE41033 10'0"78g4Nymph Hero£219.9937TBC
VHE48044 8'0"69g4Dry Hero£199.991201/03/2022
VHE41044 10'0"80g4Nymph Hero£219.998TBC
NEWVHE41063410'6"80g4Nymph Hero£219.990TBC
VHE49055 9'0"81g4Super Hero£199.99001/03/2022
VHE49066 9'0"95g4River Hero£199.991301/03/2022
VHE49966 9'9"100g4Still Hero£219.9925TBC
VHE49077 9'0"105g4Coast Hero£219.9911TBC
VHE41077 10'0"107g4Still Hero£219.9943TBC
VHE49677 9'6"97g4Long Hero£219.991601/03/2022

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