Vision Hero Fly Rod


Vision Hero Fly Rod

Being a hero on the water doesn't mean you have to break the bank with Hero rods. These affordable medium fast action rods have features for beginners as well as serious competition anglers. All of the rods are fine tuned for the type of fishing they are most likely used at. Whether you want to be a Super Hero on many types of waters, a Nymphing Hero or rule on Stillwaters these rods have the actions and components for the job.

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SKULineLengthPIECESNamePriceStockNext Due
VHE47033 7'0"4Little Hero£179.99015/05/2021
VHE48044 8'0"4Dry Hero£179.99015/05/2021
VHE41033 10'0"4Nymph Hero£199.99415/05/2021
VHE41044 10'0"4Nymph Hero£199.99015/05/2021
VHE49055 9'0"4Hero£179.99415/05/2021
VHE49066 9'0"4Hero£179.99315/05/2021
VHE49966 9'9"4Still Hero£199.99015/05/2021
VHE41077 10'0"4Still Hero£199.99515/05/2021
VHE49077 9'0"4Coast Hero£199.99015/05/2021
VHE49677 9'6"4Long Hero£199.99015/05/2021

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