Vision Hero DH Fly Rod


Vision Hero DH Fly Rod


The experienced team of Vision Fly Fishing from Finland makes one thing clear: You don’t need to buy the most expensive rod to be a hero while fishing. In fact, Antti Guttorm and his Finnish colleagues prove this point with the Hero rod series. These affordable rods offer a very impressive performance that no one would have expected at this price.

The Salmon Hero Double Handed Fly Rod has a medium-fast and well-balanced action, which is suitable for both beginners and experienced casters. It is based on a lightweight high-modulus blank made of Korean graphite. Despite its powerful casting properties, this sensitive rod provides great feedback while casting. This makes precise casts and successful presentations much easier. Further, this versatile rod is suitable for all modern line types and the matching casting styles – whether longer Scandi heads or very compact Skagit heads. Last but not least, it has a very stylish appearance due to the high-quality components and the yellow highlights that complement the dark blank.

Summarized, the Salmon Hero is a truly intuitive rod. It allows a successful entry into the world of double-handed fly fishing due to its outstanding performance – especially at this price. It will not only suit beginners because also experienced salmon fishermen will appreciate this lovely rod!

If you had to choose one rod, it would be the 13’7” #8. handy in smaller rivers with enough kick to be used even in big rivers and high water conditions. This rod handles all types of lines, from Scandi to Skagit.

A true all-around switch rod. It excels in bigger trout rivers as well as in mid-sized salmon rivers and when rigged up with a Hybrid line it is super easy and comfortable to cast.


  • Medium fast action
  • Light and sensitive
  • Four piece rods
  • High-modulus low resin Korean graphite
  • Black blanks with yellow markings
  • Hard chrome single leg guides on Switch
  • Hard chrome snake guides on Salmon

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VHE41177 11'2"23-30g / Skagit 460gr4Switch Hero£399.99
VHE41388 13'7"30-38g / Skagit 580gr4Salmon Hero£449.99
NEWVHE41499 14'7"34-42g / Skagit 650gr4Salmon Hero£479.99

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