Vision Grand Mama Fly Rod

Vision Grand Mama Fly Rod


This Grand Mama rocks and has some serious attitude. It’s a fast action rod series designed for fishing big predatory fish. We added high quality and durable EVA full wells handle and fighting butt because these rods will be used in super harsh conditions on the Baltic sea and big lakes . The titanium stripping guides ensure there will not be any problems with corrosion even in saltwater. We added a bit of funk to the dark olive blank with the pink details. Anglers can measure even the biggest catches easily as the fish ruler on the blank goes all the way to 130cm. This series of rods is perfect for big flies on big water in big winds.


  • Fast action
  • Titanium stripping guides
  • Dark olive blanks with pink markings
  • Pink triangular tube with a cloth bag
  • Perfect for big flies on big water in big winds

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