RIO Premier Midge Tip Long Fly Line


RIO Premier Midge Tip Long Fly Line

Specifically designed to be one of the top fish-catching lines in the world for lake anglers, with ultra-slick performance.

• For fishing unweighted nymphs and chironomids in the top foot
• Welded loop on the front and back for fast rigging
• Built with RIO’s exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating

The Premier Midge tip Long is a floating line with a 6ft , clear intermediate tip that sinks 1.5 inches per second or a gray hover option that sinks 1 inch per second. This is deadly effective on windy days, when fishing in shallow bays, close to lake shores or over the top of weed beds, and is perfect for fishing nymphs, emergers, and chironomids (buzzers). Each line is built with a supple coldwater core, SlickCast coating, and welded loops on the front and back for fast rigging. With options available in regular (Midge tip) and long (Midge Tip Long), hover and intermediate, it is a must have line for lake anglers everywhere.


  • SlickCast Technology
  • DualTone
  • Hang Marker
  • EasyID
  • Front & Back welded loop

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Premier Midge Tip Long Hover

NEW6-19707WF5Float/6ft Hover Tip192gr 40ft100ftGrey/Melon/Beige£89.99
NEW6-19708WF6Float/6ft Hover Tip223gr 40ft90ftGrey/Melon/Beige£89.99
NEW6-19709WF7Float/6ft Hover Tip270gr 42ft100ftGrey/Melon/Beige£89.99
NEW6-19710WF8Float/6ft Hover Tip300gr 44ft100ftGrey/Melon/Beige£89.99

Premier Midge Tip Long

NEW6-19715WF5Float/6ft Intermediate Tip192gr 40ft90ftClear/Melon/Beige£89.99
NEW6-19716WF6Float/6ft Intermediate Tip223gr 40ft90ftClear/Melon/Beige£89.99
NEW6-19717WF7Float/6ft Intermediate Tip270gr 42ft100ftClear/Melon/Beige£89.99
NEW6-19718WF8Float/6ft Intermediate Tip300gr 44ft100ftClear/Melon/Beige£89.99

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RIO Premier Midge Tip
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