Rio Powerflex WireBite Tippet

Rio Powerflex WireBite Tippet

Tough, flexible, nylon-coated wire that is super easy to tie a knot with

RIO's Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet is a tough, flexible nylon-coated wire that's perfect for those sharp toothed critters. This knot-table, braided wire is supple enough to tie directly to the fly. Available in three size options; 20lb, 30lb & 40lb, and in regular sized spools, with 15 feet on each spool, or guide spools with 50 feet on each spool.


  • Super supple braided wire
  • Easy to knot

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SKUSizeLengthTestDiameterPriceStockNext Due
BITE2020lb15ft / 4.5m20lb / 10kg0.016in / 0.406mm£17.993828/06/2021
BITE3030lb15ft / 4.5m30lb / 15kg0.018in / 0.457mm£17.997823/05/2021
BITE4040lb15ft / 4.5m40lb / 20kg0.024in / 0.610mm£17.991923/05/2021
6-2246520lb50ft / 15.2m20lb / 10kg0.016in / 0.406mm£39.991123/05/2021
6-2246630lb50ft / 15.2m30lb / 15kg0.018in / 0.457mm£39.992423/05/2021
6-2246740lb50ft / 15.2m40lb / 20kg0.024in / 0.610mm£39.99623/05/2021

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