McLean 201 Tri Folding Net

McLean 201 Tri Folding Net


Bronze Series Folding nets are the lightest high quality portable nets available. The Mclean Folding TRI-Net is the ultimate compact net when folded and stowed in a scabbard on your belt or hung from it’s clip. The Hinged handle folding system and the Folding Locking nets are brilliantly simple and 100% reliable in its durability and one-handed operation.

All of these robust nets are made of brass, stainless steel and aluminium castings. The telescopic handle uses a lightly tensioned manual extension. They are anodised in bronze colour and all feature rubber non slip hand grips and belt clips.


  • Non slip handle rubber grip.
  • Soft woven knotless mesh.
  • Optional scabbard.

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Bronze Series Folding - Telescopic

SKUMax. Extended Length (Inch/CM)Min. Length (Inch/CM)Frame Size (Inch/CM)Net Bag Depth (Inch/CM)PriceStockNext Due
20148 / 12221 1/2 / 5421x16 / 53x4127 / 68£124.990TBC

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