RIO Premier Coldwater Outbound Short Fly Line

RIO Premier Coldwater Outbound Short Fly Line

Exceptionally powerful, easy casting line built for casting big flies, and for maximum distance, with ultra-slick performance

  • Front loaded to cast large flies with ease
  • Designed for easy distance
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating
  • Multi Density Control on select sinking options

RIO’s OutBound Short series of lines are designed to cast large and heavy flies and get huge distances easily. Built with a short, aggressive front taper that easily carries large, weighted streamers, and a powerful head design that loads rods deeply and quickly for fast, easy distance. A full range of densities make this a very versatile line series for both the freshwater and saltwater angler. Best of all, the line is built with SlickCast—the slickest, most durable coating on the market.

There are 6 different density lines to cover every fishing situation:

  • A Full Floating line (F), for top water action
  • A Floating Line with 15ft of "hover" Sinking line, then 15ft of clear Intermediate Sinking line at the front (F/H/I), for fishing 2-3 ft deep
  • A Full Intermediate Sinking line with a 15ft clear tip (I), for fishing 3-5ft deep
  • An Intermediate sinking line with 17ft of Medium Sinking line, then 13ft of Fast Sinking Line at the front (I/S3/S5), for fishing 4-8ft deep
  • An Intermediate sinking line with 17ft of Fast Sinking line, then 13ft of Extra Fast Sinking Line at the front (I/S5/S7), for fishing 6-12ft deep
  • A Full, Extra-Fast Sinking "Dredger" line (S7), for maximum depth


  • DualTone - Marks the sweet spot of a fly line by providing an obvious color change in the line at the sweet spot.
  • EasyID- RIO’s printed line marking system that allows anglers to quickly and easily identify each line.
  • Front Welded Loop - A neat, bulletproof loop welded at the front of the fly line for fast Spey-specific rigging.
  • Back Welded Loop - A neat, bulletproof loop welded at the end of the fly line for fast rigging to backing.

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Premier Outbound Short - Floating

6-19435WF5Floating200gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99
6-19436WF6Floating235gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99
6-19437WF7Floating265gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99
6-19438WF8Floating330gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99
6-19439WF9Floating375gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99
6-19440WF10Floating425gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99

Premier Outbound Short - Float/1ips/2ips

6-19441WF5Float/1ips/2ips200gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99
6-19442WF6Float/1ips/2ips235gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99
6-19443WF7Float/1ips/2ips265gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99
6-19444WF8Float/1ips/2ips330gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99
6-19445WF9Float/1ips/2ips375gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99
6-19446WF10Float/1ips/2ips425gr 30ft100ftMoss/Ivory£99.99

Premier Outbound Short - Intermediate

6-19447WF6Intermediate235gr 30ft100ftClear/Gray/Trans. Green£99.99
6-19448WF7Intermediate265gr 30ft100ftClear/Gray/Trans. Green£99.99
6-19449WF8Intermediate330gr 30ft100ftClear/Gray/Trans. Green£99.99
6-19450WF9Intermediate375gr 30ft100ftClear/Gray/Trans. Green£99.99
6-19451WF10Intermediate425gr 30ft100ftClear/Gray/Trans. Green£99.99

Premier Outbound Short - Int/3ips/5ips

6-19454WF6Int/3ips/5ips235gr 30ft100ftBlack/Trans Green£99.99
6-19455WF7Int/3ips/5ips265gr 30ft100ftBlack/Trans Green£99.99
6-19456WF8Int/3ips/5ips330gr 30ft100ftBlack/Trans Green£99.99
6-19457WF9Int/3ips/5ips375gr 30ft100ftBlack/Trans Green£99.99
6-19458WF10Int/3ips/5ips425gr 30ft100ftBlack/Trans Green£99.99

Premier Outbound Short - Int/5ips/7ips

6-19459WF6Int/5ips/7ips235gr 30ft100ftBlack/Trans Green£99.99
6-19460WF7Int/5ips/7ips265gr 30ft100ftBlack/Trans Green£99.99
6-19461WF8Int/5ips/7ips330gr 30ft100ftBlack/Trans Green£99.99
6-19462WF9Int/5ips/7ips375gr 30ft100ftBlack/Trans Green£99.99
6-19463WF10Int/5ips/7ips425gr 30ft100ftBlack/Trans Green£99.99

Premier Outbound Short - 7ips

6-19464WF87ips330gr 30ft110ftBlack£99.99
6-19465WF97ips375gr 30ft110ftBlack£99.99
6-19466WF107ips425gr 30ft110ftBlack£99.99

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