RIO Scandi 3D head Review

Author: Pete Tyjas | Article: EAT . SLEEP . FISH Issue 62 (visit website)

Pete Tyjas tries the new RIO Scandi 3D head

The InTouch Scandi 3D is a new line from RIO that features their low stretch ConnectCore and a 3 density head that allows you to swing your fly at a variety of depths.

I tried the Floating/Hover/Intermediate line that has an intermediate tip of around 9ft or so and a hover section of a similar length followed by 15 ft of floating line. This gives the line 3 densities hence the name 3D.

Running my fingers along the line and across the differing densities I immediately noticed how super smooth the joins between the sections were, infact there were no noticeable bumps or ridges at all. I suspect this took some time to get right but the job they have done is spot on.

The other thing I noticed was how super slick the line was. OK, it was straight out of the box but I felt it was worth mentioning.

For a lot of my fishing at home in Devon I use a Sage X 11ft 7wt Switch rod. It is perfect for the river I spend most f my time fishing. I usually fish this with RIO Scandi Short head in an 8wt (510 Gr) and a variety of tips and when I want to cast heavier flies I’ll use a 500Gr Skagit. It is a small river and these lines work perfectly for me.

The InTouch Scandi 3D I have is the 7/8 which comes in at 480Gr just a little lighter than my usual heads.

I started with just some roll casts and could feel a slight difference in weight but not that it affected my casting in any way. I started single and circle spey casting  pulling more line off of my reel to my usual fishing distance. The rod and line combo complimented each other,  turned over really well and the loops were good and stable. I was fishing a conehead tube fly that turned over really easily.

I notice that when I fish the Scandi Short it does struggle to turn over a 10ft sink tip and heavy fly that shows in the loop as the fly travels out. In all fairness though this isn’t what that head was designed for (RIO tell us that on their site) and it is about then that I’ll usually swap to a Skagit but I like to see how far I can push these things.

What I really liked was how the hover section of the line “digs” into the water more than a floating section would and it felt and looked like my fly was fishing at a more enticing angle. RIO say this line works well for fishing in the top three feet of water.

RIO also offer this head in two other densities so that you can fish at a variety depths. The Hover/ Intermediate/Sink 3 fishes at two to five feet deep and the  Intermediate/Sink 3/Sink 5 at four and 10 feet. This is of course affected by the weight of your fly.

My wife was with me when I tried the line and I asked her to have a cast. I watched the loop of line travel over the water as she looked up at me on the bank and grinned. She liked it and that is good enough for me.

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