Vision XO 100 Fly Line

Vision XO 100 Fly Line


The XO 100 is our most advanced fly line yet. XO has a thin and durable DuraSlim™ coating. DuraSlim™ enables us to manufacture a line with thinner running line than before without sacrificing durability. It also features varying hardness coatings in different parts of the line; the head being softer allowing you to push arrow shaped tight loops and the running line being harder for carrying extra-long overhangs and ultimate shoot-ability. The fly line has super small loops on both ends and clear markings of the line weight near the tip of the line. Phthalate free.


  • Thin and durable DuraSlim™ coating
  • Varying hardness coating
  • Floating, line weights #3 – #8
  • Small loops on both ends
  • Clear markings of the line weight on the tip loop

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VXOS3FWF3Floating123gr/8g32.8ft98.4ftIvory White/Yellow£99.992TBC
VXOS4FWF4Floating154gr/10g32.8ft98.4ftIvory White/Yellow£99.991TBC
VXOS5FWF5Floating185gr/12g32.8ft98.4ftIvory White/Yellow£99.992TBC
VXOS6FWF6Floating231gr/15g32.8ft98.4ftIvory White/Yellow£99.994TBC
VXOS7FWF7Floating262gr/17g32.8ft98.4ftIvory White/Yellow£99.993TBC
VXOS8FWF8Floating293gr/19g32.8ft98.4ftIvory White/Yellow£99.993TBC

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