Vision Tane Fly Line

Vision Tane Fly Line


The Tane fly line is available both as a traditional weight forward (WF) line with a 11m head and as a double taper (DT) line.

The coating used in this line is the result of long and extensive testing in Finland and beyond. This slightly thinner than normal WF line has a carefully designed taper that suits most fishing situations giving you nice presentation whether you are overhead casting or spey casting. Tane has a core with a 22% stretch for those delicate situations where thin tippets are needed.

Both WF and DT lines have loops on both ends of the line.

Total length 30m. Colour light olive / mint green.

Phthalate free.

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Tane WF

VT2WF2 Floating108gr/7g36.1ft98.4ftOlive/Lime£79.990Discontinued
VT3WF3 Floating123gr/8g36.1ft98.4ftOlive/Lime£79.990Discontinued
VT4WF4 Floating139gr/9g36.1ft98.4ftOlive/Lime£89.990TBC
VT5WF5 Floating170gr/11g36.1ft98.4ftOlive/Lime£89.991TBC
VT6WF6 Floating201gr/13g36.1ft98.4ftOlive/Lime£89.991TBC
VT7WF7 Floating231gr/15g36.1ft98.4ftOlive/Lime£89.993TBC

Tane DT

VTD3DT3 Floating 98.4ftOlive£89.990TBC
VTD4DT4 Floating98.4ftOlive£89.990TBC
VTD5DT5 Floating98.4ftOlive£79.990Discontinued

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