Vision Nymphmaniac 11ft #2 Fly Rod


Vision Nymphmaniac 11ft #2 Fly Rod

The new Vision Nymphmaniac 11ft 2-wt is the latest addition to our ground-breaking range. For both general and technical nymphing, it's a rod that covers all the bases. This long, light line rod opens up many fishing opportunities that would simply be missed with standard outfits. Its extra reach allows you can present nymphs at ranges, beyond the scope of shorter rods. This means you can work all those productive, fish-holding 'seams' - the junction of fast and slow-moving water – where the largest fish are often found. It also gives the angler numerous advantages when it comes to presentation. Not only can more line and tippet be held off the water allowing the flies to drift more naturally, but during the warmer months and low flows when trout and grayling become far warier, it offers the opportunity to target them from further away, for a stealthier approach. The balance of Nymphmaniac 11ft 2-wt's blank coupled with its downlocking real seat, makes the rod feel light, balanced and responsive in hand, helping you notice the subtlest of takes. The smooth action lets you fine down to present small nymphs on light tippets accurately, with a sensitivity that makes playing fish safer and more enjoyable.


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