Vision Merisuola Fly Line

Vision Merisuola Fly Line

Merisuola fly rods and fly lines were designed simultaneously to complete each other.

The harsh saltwater environment and big, strong and fast fish is a combination, which sets some hard limits especially for fly lines. For that reason, we spent numerous hours testing and re-designing our Merisuola fly lines before we were confident that the lines were ready for the challenge.

Phthalate free.


  • Reversed compound taper (long rear taper, short powerful front taper)
  • Slick and stiff coating for tropical heat
  • Low stretch core (transfers casting energy better, firm hook set with hard mouth fish)
  • Super strong ready-made loops
  • Designed in conjunction with the Merisuola rods

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VLT6FWF6 Floating42ft98.4ftBlue/Orange£99.990TBC
VLT7FWF7 Floating42ft98.4ftBlue/Orange£99.990TBC
VLT8FWF8 Floating42ft98.4ftBlue/Orange£99.990TBC
VLT9FWF9 Floating42ft98.4ftBlue/Orange£99.990TBC
VLT10FWF10 Floating42ft98.4ftBlue/Orange£99.990TBC
VLT12FWF12 Floating42ft98.4ftBlue/Orange£99.990TBC

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