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TARGETTED TO THE OVERALL needs of the average fly fisher
• Slightly heavier, easy casting lines for a multitude of situations
• Short, powerful front taper for good presentation and turnover
• Made in the RIO production facility to their exacting standards
While many RIO products focus on the technical challenges of specific fishing situations, Mainstream lines are targeted to the overall needs of most fly fishers looking for a cost efficient, one line solution. Featuring slightly shorter heads and tapers to ensure performance under almost any conditions. Floating lines feature a supple, self-lubricating coating that remains memory free in cold water. Choose from a range of densities or get the set to be sure you have the right line in your bag to succeed on the day. Made at the RIO factory in Idaho, Mainstream lines undergo the same rigorous production processes and quality control standards as all RIO products.

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SKUTypeSizeLengthHead LengthHead WeightColourPrice
MSF3FloatingWF380.0 ft35.5 ft140 gr.Lemon Green£39.99
MSF4FloatingWF480.0 ft37.0 ft165 gr.Lemon Green£39.99
MSF5FloatingWF580.0 ft38.0 ft195 gr.Lemon Green£39.99
MSF6FloatingWF680.0 ft39.0 ft230 gr.Lemon Green£39.99
MSF7FloatingWF780.0 ft39.0 ft280 gr.Lemon Green£39.99
MSF8FloatingWF880.0 ft40.5 ft310 gr.Lemon Green£39.99
MDTF4FloatingDT480.0 ft80.0 ft120 gr. at 30’Lemon Green£39.99
MDTF5FloatingDT580.0 ft80.0 ft140 gr. at 30’Lemon Green£39.99
MDTF6FloatingDT680.0 ft80.0 ft160 gr. at 30’Lemon Green£39.99
MST6Sink TipWF680.0 ft36.0 ft160 gr. at 30’Brown/Lemon£39.99
MST7Sink TipWF780.0 ft36.0 ft185 gr. at 30’Brown/Lemon£39.99
MST8Sink TipWF880.0 ft36.0 ft210 gr. at 30’Brown/Lemon£39.99
MSI6IntermediateWF680.0 ft39.0 ft230 gr.Clear£39.99
MSI7IntermediateWF780.0 ft40.0 ft280 gr.Clear£39.99
MSI8IntermediateWF880.0 ft41.0 ft315 gr.Clear£39.99
MS37Type 3 SinkWF780.0 ft41.5 ft185 gr. at 30’Brown£39.99
MS38Type 3 SinkWF880.0 ft42.0 ft210 gr. at 30’Brown£39.99
MS67Type 6 SinkWF780.0 ft41.5 ft185 gr. at 30’Black£39.99
MS68Type 6 SinkWF880.0 ft42.0 ft210 gr. at 30’Black£39.99

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