Trout LT

Trout LT

Product Description

THE ULTIMATE LINE FOR dry flies, emergers and subtle presentations
• Long, fine tapers for the gentlest in presentation
• Rear biased weight distribution – perfect for roll and single handed spey casting
• Extra supple coating
RIO’s Trout LT fly line has been designed for the ultimate in performance for traditional trout fly fishing techniques. A long, delicate front taper ensures the softest of presentations, making the line perfect for fishing dry flies, spiders, emergers, small nymphs and chironomids, while an extended body gives the line stability at range and makes mending and roll casting easy. The Trout LT is created with a supple braided multifilament core and features an extremely soft, memory-free AgentX coating which makes these high floating lines incredibly easy to lift quietly off the water and ensures that they are totally memory free. RIO XS Technology results in a very smooth and slick, dirt repelling finish, while the Super Floatation Technology ensures that the line tip doesn’t sink. All lines have a welded loop on each end. The unique profile of the double taper easily transfers energy to the tip and, with the longest tapers of all, is the ultimate presentation fly line.



  • DualTone
  • Front Loop
  • Back Loop
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Double Taper

SKUTypeSizeLength30' WeightHead LengthColourPrice
LDT6FloatingDT6 F90.0 ft.165 gr.90.0 ft.Sage£69.99

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