Scandi Body

Scandi Body

Product Description

A VERSATILE BODY that combines Skagit power with Scandi grace
• Multi-purpose design, casts like a Scandi or a Skagit Printed ID system on the rear of the head for quick recognition
• Loops on both ends for fast rigging
The Scandi body is a short body to which a multitude of tips can be attached – it is the most versatile design of all, and blends Skagit power with Scandi grace. It is ideal for anglers that want to travel light, yet have multiple fishing options. To the front end of the body anglers can attach regular 10 ft & 15 ft Versi-tips, MOW tips, “T” tips, iMOW tips or VersiLeaders, and with three different body densities to choose from (floating, intermediate and Sink 4), all water conditions are covered.



  • Easy ID Loops
  • Front Loop
  • Back Loop
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SKUTypeSizeLengthBody WeightBody WeightColourBest VersiTipBest MOW / TBest i MOWPrice
SSBF7FLOATING BODY#723.0 ft.350 grains23 gramsStraw10’ or 15’ #7Light / T8 or T11Light£59.99
SSBF8FLOATING BODY#823.0 ft.400 grains26 gramsStraw10’ or 15’ #8Medium / T11Medium£59.99
SSBF9FLOATING BODY#923.0 ft.455 grains29 gramsStraw10’ or 15’ #9Medium / T11 or T14Medium£59.99
SSBF10FLOATING BODY#1024.0 ft.510 grains33 gramsStraw15’ #10Heavy / T14Heavy£59.99
SSBF11FLOATING BODY#1125.0 ft.575 grains37 gramsStraw15’ #10X Heavy / T14 or T17Heavy£59.99
SSBI7INTERMEDIATE BODY#723.0 ft.350 grains23 gramsCamo10’ or 15’ #7N/A / T8 or T11Light£59.99
SSBI8 INTERMEDIATE BODY#823.0 ft.400 grains26 gramsCamo10’ or 15’ #8N/A / T11Medium£59.99
SSBI9INTERMEDIATE BODY#923.0 ft.455 grains29 gramsCamo10’ or 15’ #9N/A / T11 or T14Medium£59.99

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