Sage X Fly Rod

Sage X Fly Rod

Multi Application / Fast Action


• Versatility
• Loop control
• Accuracy
• Premier blank, finish, and componentry

The X rod’s fast action taper built with our KonneticHD Technology delivers greater blank recovery and a crisper tip stop - creating tighter, more efficient loops throughout all ranges of casting styles. This taper allows you to dig deeper into the rod and access the lower sections, shifting power closer to the angler. Decreased lateral and medial movement and vibrations in the blank result in a more accurate and efficient presentation, resulting in a performance-driven, forgiving fast action blank - refining the synergy between angler, rod, line, and fly.


  • KonneticHD Technology
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Freshwater 3 - 6 weights:
  • Flor grade snub nosed half-wells cork handle
  • Saltwater 5-10 weights:
  • Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
  • Integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat
  • Flor quality full-wells cork handle with EVA fighting butt
  • Laser etched line weight on slide band

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XROD Black Spruce Specifications

SKULineLengthWeightPiecesROD HANDLETUBE SIZEPriceStockNext Due
X376437'6"2 1/8oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 25 1/2in£9491ON REQUEST
X390439'0"2 5/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS28 1/2in£949202/08/2021
X486448'6"2 3/8oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 30in£949008/09/2021
X490449'0"2 7/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 30in£949902/08/2021
X41004410'0"2 7/8oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 32in£949008/09/2021
X586458'6"2 1/2oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 30in£949408/09/2021
X590459'0"2 11/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 30in£9491002/08/2021
X591459'0"2 13/16oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB31 1/2in£9491ON REQUEST
X597459'6"2 15/16oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB33in£949008/09/2021
X51014510'0"3 1/16oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB33in£949208/09/2021
X690469'0"2 13/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS30in£949202/08/2021
X691469'0"2 15/16oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB31 1/2in£949308/09/2021
X697469'6"3 1/8oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB33in£949308/09/2021
X61014610'0"3 5/16oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB33in£949008/09/2021
X790479'0"3 3/8oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB31 1/2in£949108/09/2021
X796479'6"3 1/2oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB33in£949108/09/2021
X71004710'0"3 3/4oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB33in£949508/09/2021
X890489'0"3 7/16oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB31 1/2in£9491ON REQUEST
X896489'6"3 5/8oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB33in£949208/09/2021
X81004810'0"3 7/8oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB33in£949008/09/2021
X990499'0"3 11/16oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB31 1/2in£9490ON REQUEST
X10904109'0"3 15/16oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB31 1/2in£9490ON REQUEST
X11904119'0"4 5/8oz4FULL-WELLS, CORK COMPOSITE FB31 1/2in£9490ON REQUEST

XROD Tactical Green Specifications

SKULineLengthWeightPiecesROD HANDLETUBE SIZEPriceStockNext Due
X6904GR69'0"2 13/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS30in£8992LAST ITEMS

XROD Electric Teal Specifications

SKULineLengthWeightPiecesROD HANDLETUBE SIZEPriceStockNext Due
X4904TL49'0"2 7/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 30in£8990Discontinued
X5904TL59'0"2 11/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 30in£8991LAST ITEMS

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