Sage Pulse Fly Rod

Sage Pulse Fly Rod

Multi Application / Fast Action

Designed from scratch by our world-class R&D team and tested on the water around the globe, the PULSE is Sage’s newest fast action family of fly rods. Graphite IIIe technology ensures power and durability, providing fast action performance and a connected feel.

Handcrafted right here on Bainbridge Island, the PULSE is finished with custom-designed componentry and eye-catching cosmetic details.

The PULSE will be your workhorse—from freshwater to saltwater, single-hand, switch, or Spey, there’s a rod in the PULSE family for every application.


  • Graphite IIIe Technology
  • Fast action
  • Lichen blank color
  • Olive thread wraps with Black trim wraps
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Freshwater 3-6 weights have Rosewood insert with Gloss Black anodised aluminium up-locking reel seat and snubnose, half-wells cork handle
  • Saltwater 6-8 weights have Gloss Black anodised aluminium up-locking reel seat and full-wells cork handle with fighting butt
  • Black nylon rod tube with divided liner

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PULSE Specifications - Items in GREY = available to order

PULSE376437'6"2 11/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 27in£499.003LAST ITEMS
PULSE386438'6"2 15/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS30in£499.000Discontinued
PULSE31004310'3 1/8oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 34 1/2in£499.000Discontinued
PULSE486448'6"3oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 30in£499.000Discontinued
PULSE490449'0"3 1/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 31 1/2in£499.005LAST ITEMS
PULSE586458'6"3 1/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS30in£499.002DISCONTINUED
PULSE590459'0"3 1/4oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS31 1/2in£499.009LAST ITEMS
PULSE596459'6"3 9/16oz4SNUB-NOSE, HALF WELLS 33in£499.002LAST ITEMS
PULSE690469'0"3 5/16oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB31 1/2in£499.002LAST ITEMS
PULSE691469'0"3 3/8oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB31 1/2in£499.000Discontinued
PULSE790479'0"3 5/8oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB31 1/2in£499.004LAST ITEMS
PULSE71004710'0"3 7/8oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB34 1/2in£499.002LAST ITEMS
PULSE890489'0"3 13/16oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB31 1/2in£499.000Discontinued
PULSE896489'6"4 1/16oz4FULL-WELLS WITH EVA FB33in£499.000Discontinued

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