RIO InTouch Scandi Outbound


RIO InTouch Scandi Outbound


THE SMOOTHEST CASTING of all Scandinavian style lines... and no joints!

• Short head that loads quickly and makes it easy to cast in tight quarters
• Rear loaded weight distribution for effortless, efficient spey casts
• Long front taper that unrolls with great efficiency and power

With the same superb tapers as RIO Scandi/AFS Heads, the InTouch Scandi OutBound is a short belly integrated line designed to cast easily and load quickly. It is a fantastic choice for casters that find spey casting difficult and for situations when there are obstructions close to the angler – no matter what the casting skill. The rear weight distribution and long front tapers make this line easy to cast and allows energy to unroll effortlessly to the fly. Built on RIO’s ConnectCore with Agent X technology to ensure the best possible casting and fishing performance.



  • DualTone- Marks the sweet spot of a fly line by providing an obvious color change in the line at the sweet spot.
  • Front Welded Loop- A neat, bulletproof loop welded at the front of the fly line for fast rigging.

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InTouch Scandi Outbound Switch

NEW6-590497Floating425 grains/28g33ft110ftGreen/Hot Orange/Straw£119.99
NEW6-590508Floating485 grains/31g33ft110ftGreen/Hot Orange/Straw£119.99

InTouch Scandi Outbound

ISO788Floating460gr37ft120ftGreen/Hot Orange/Straw£119.99
ISO899Floating520gr38ft125ftGreen/Hot Orange/Straw£119.99
ISO91010Floating580gr39ft130ftGreen/Hot Orange/Straw£119.99
ISO101111Floating640gr40ft130ftGreen/Hot Orange/Straw£119.99

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