Rio InTouch Midge Tip Long Fly Line

Rio InTouch Midge Tip Long Fly Line


THE MOST INCREDIBLY ADVANCED range of sub-surface lines ever made

• Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the ultimate in sensitivity and lightning fast hook sets
• MidgeTip section anchors the line to fish slower
• Medium, front loaded head for long range casting

RIO’s InTouch Sub-surface lines are built on an ultra-low stretch core for incredible sensitivity to the take and lightning-fast hook sets. A range of densities ensure anglers are covered for all fishing situations and conditions, and the supple core and coating keeps the lines relaxed and tangle-free. The InTouch Midge Tip Long line features a unique, 6 ft (2m) long, clear camo intermediate tip for fishing in the top layers of the water column, and is a longer tip version of the popular MidgeTip line, with the added benefits of ConnectCore.



  • Front Welded Loop- A neat, bulletproof loop welded at the front of the fly line for fast rigging.

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InTouch Midge Tip Long

MTL5WF5Intermediate Tip216gr 37ft90ftCamo Tip/Melon£99.990TBC
MTL6WF6Intermediate Tip234gr 38ft100ftCamo Tip/Melon£99.990TBC
MTL7WF7Intermediate Tip265gr 39ft100ftCamo Tip/Melon£99.990TBC
MTL8WF8Intermediate Tip323gr 40ft100ftCamo Tip/Melon£99.993TBC

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