InTouch RIO Gold

InTouch RIO Gold

Product Description

THE ULTIMATE, ALL-ROUND fly line, with ultra-low stretch performance
• Perfect presentation of flies between #2 and #22
• ConnectCore improves cast timing, hook set and mending
• Unique SureFire colour system for improved accuracy and distance control
The InTouch RIO Gold has a taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance and a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #2 and #22. The ultra-low stretch ConnectCore provides groundbreaking levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lift and sharp, precise mends. Lack of stretch also means enhanced detection of subtle takes and faster reaction time when setting the hook. The long head is ideal for the river fly fisher, and for controlling the fly at range.



  • SureFire
  • Easy ID Tag
  • Front Loop
  • Back Loop
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SKUTypeSizeLengthHead WeightHead LengthColourPrice
IGO4FloatingWF490.0 ft.189gr.46.0 ft.Moss/Grey/Gold£99.99
IGO5FloatingWF590.0 ft.221gr.47.0 ft.Moss/Grey/Gold£99.99
IGO6FloatingWF6100.0 ft.266gr.48.0 ft.Moss/Grey/Gold£99.99
IGO7FloatingWF7100.0 ft.282gr.49.0 ft.Moss/Grey/Gold£99.99
IGO8FloatingWF8100.0 ft.315gr.50.0 ft.Moss/Grey/Gold£99.99

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