InTouch Hover

InTouch Hover

Product Description

THE MOST INCREDIBLY ADVANCED range of sub-surface lines ever made
• Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the ultimate in sensitivity and lightning fast hook sets
• Hang Marker helps indicate when to cast
• Short, front loaded head for easy casting and maximum distance
RIO’s InTouch Sub-surface lines are built on an ultra-low stretch core for incredible sensitivity to the take and lightning-fast hook sets. A range of densities ensure anglers are covered for all fishing situations and conditions, and the supple core and coating keeps the lines relaxed and tangle-free. A hang marker helps anglers gauge when to cast or when to fish the “hang” and a welded loop in the front end allows for fast rigging. The ultra-slow sinking Hover line sinks at less than 1’ per second and is a fantastic line for fishing just under the surface, particularly on wind days when a floating line is difficult to control



  • Front Loop
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SKUTypeSizeLengthHead LengthHead WeightColourPrice
IHOV51” p.s. Slow InterWF5100.0 ft30.0 ft.185 gr.Olive/Orange£89.99
IHOV61” p.s. Slow InterWF6100.0 ft30.0 ft.210 gr.Olive/Orange£89.99
IHOV71” p.s. Slow InterWF7100.0 ft30.0 ft.240 gr.Olive/Orange£89.99
IHOV81” p.s. Slow InterWF8100.0 ft30.0 ft.280 gr.Olive/Orange£89.99

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