AFS Heads (Advanced Flight Spey)

AFS Heads (Advanced Flight Spey)

Product Description

AN EASY CASTING SHOOTING HEAD designed for effortless distance and great presentation
• Easy loading design helps anglers make long, effortless casts
• Long, fine front taper generates tight loops that unroll with great presentation
• Printed ID system for easy recognition
• Attach the rear easy ID Loop to the shooting line
• Use VersiLeaders / Tapered leaders for best performance (see page 49)
RIO’s benchmark AFS (Advanced Flight Spey) heads feature a long tapered Scandinavian design that produces tight loops and long, effortless casts. They are the very best line design for presentation. Many of the original AFS models have now been upgraded to ConnectCore and moved to the Scandi range. However Floating AFS Heads and the AFS kit which includes a matching Powerflex Shooting line and Versileaders are still available.
Please see below for more info on the AFS/Scandi range equivalent lines. All RIO Scandi heads, plus the new InTouch Scandi Outbound integrated line, utilise the famous AFS taper



  • Easy ID Loops
  • Front Loop
  • Back Loop
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AFS Shooting Head Kit

SKUTypeSizeLengthHead WeightHead WeightColourPrice
AFT78Floating#837.5ft.460 grains30 gramsGreen/Yellow£149.99
AFT89Floating#938.5ft.520 grains34 gramsGreen/Yellow£149.99
AFT910Floating#1039.5ft.580 grains38 gramsGreen/Yellow£149.99
AFT1011Floating#1140.5ft.640 grains42 gramsGreen/Yellow£149.99

AFF Floating Heads

SKUTypeSizeLengthHead WeightHead WeightColourPrice
AFF78Floating#837.5ft.460 grains30 gramsGreen/Yellow£59.99
AFF89Floating#938.5 ft.520 grains34 gramsGreen/Yellow£59.99
AFF910Floating#1039.5 ft.580 grains38 gramsGreen/Yellow£59.99
AFF1011Floating#1140.5 ft.640 grains42 gramsGreen/Yellow£59.99

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