Making it Easier!


RIO is committed to making the very best fly lines, leaders and tippet material in the world, but our passion for making things easier doesn’t stop there.

We also work hard to create some great accessories that will make your fly fishing better.

Here’s a look at some of the new ones we have just launched.


Our Kahuna LT is an ingenious strike indicator made of a piece of high floating fly line with the core removed from the middle, leaving an empty tunnel.

Simply break off the required length of indicator and thread the leader though the tunnel.

The end result is an incredibly sensitive strike indicator that grips on to a tapered leader and stays in place without any damage to the leader.



RIO’s Fly Clips are ultra-fast, easy connection clips that allow anglers to change flies with extreme ease and speed, and prevents leaders and tippet sections getting too short.

Simply tie the appropriate sized clip on to the end of your leader and either twist or clip on your fly.

We recommend the Quick Links for larger streamers and Salmon/steelhead patterns, and the Fly Clips for smaller dries, nymphs and soft hackles.



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