When you live, fish and work in the center of the trout universe, actually making it to work can be tough. Unless your job is at RIO, where fishing and work are often one and the same. From mountain-freestone cutthroat and Snake River steelhead to the highly educated rainbows and browns of Silver Creek and the Henry’s Fork, our state waters are the laboratory where great fly lines are born.

Of course, we have to travel for work, too. Which means fanning out around the globe to wade tropical flats, swing Spey rods in BC, chuck poppers into pads, sling Clousers through rips, jump tarpon in the Keys, and venture out to sea for blue-water giants… All in the name of research and development, of course.

But we always return home to where it all started: Idaho. It’s here that we put everything we learn on the water into our products. It’s here that we test new ideas, taper designs, and materials in our never-ending quest to better connect anglers and fish. And it’s here that we proudly build the finished fly lines we send out into the world, from Idaho, with love.