Sage Spectrum Reel Review

Author: Pete Tyjas | Article: EAT . SLEEP . FISH Issue 72 (visit website)

Eat Sleep Fish takes a look at the new new Sage SPECTRUM range of reels

I’m often asked by people I fish with or guide when they look at my gear. “Is that a 3300D?” or “what do you think of the 2200 series?”

I do my best to give my honest appraisal and then shoot a quick look at the reel just to make sure I have got the model right.

I am a big fan of the CLICK range from Sage that is, for me, easy to identify and a great reel too. Being a river angler I have the smaller sizes so I can always easily say “yup it’s a 3-5” My life is easy.

So, I am really pleased to see Sage have brought a new range of reels that are called Spectrum. I guess they are named as you can use them over a wide spectrum of applications.

Within the Spectrum range there are the Standard, LT and Max.

The differences from the standard reel is that the Max is designed more for heavy duty fishing like salmon and saltwater and the LT is a lighter version of the range.

All of the reels are cold forged, tempered aluminium and feature the Sealed Carbon System (SCS) drag. There are both aesthetic and well thought out differences like a better drag control system on the Max along with a super rigid frame-to-spool connection.  The LT has similar drag set up in a lighter package.

I played with the drag a little and it is what you would hope it to be – super smooth with no start up inertia.

The  Spectrum LT and Spectrum comes in line ranges from 3-4 to 9-10

The Spectrum HD concentrates on line weights 5-6 to 9-10 reflecting its saltwater roots.

The Spectrum range start at £229 in the UK

The reels come in a variety of colours that match rods in the range you’d be using so, for example, you can but the LT version in Lime Green to match the Mod range of rods and Squid Ink to match the SaltHD rods.

My life is now much easier. I can tell the range easily and even have a reel that matches my rod. Life is good and so are the reels.


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