Scandi 3D

Scandi 3D

Product Description

THE ULTIMATE SCANDI LINES for presenting your flies at depth.
• Easy Casting Design
• Printed ID system on the rear of the head for easy identification
• Ultra-low stretch core for the best in casting and fishing sensitivity
• New multi-density head further improves casting and fishing control

The RIO Scandi is a very easy casting Scandi Style shooting head, built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the utmost in casting control and sensitivity.

Scandi 3D heads use a series of increasing densities within each line. This produces a line which lifts out to re-cast more easily and shows enhanced casting performance. Better stability in flight means even thin running lines like RIO GripShooter can be used for long range. The density changes also help Scandi 3D lines to swing a little slower giving the angler more control of how and where the fly fishes.

Available in Three formats:
A Floating back, Hover (S1) middle and S2 Sinking Tip
A Hover (S1) back, S2 middle and S3 (3-4”/sec) Sinking tip
An S2 back, S3 (3-4”/sec) middle and S5 (5-6”/sec) Sinking tip



  • Easy ID Loops
  • Front Loop
  • Back Loop
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SKUTypeSizeLengthHead WeightHead WeightColourPrice
RSF12520FLOAT/HOVER/S2#938.0 ft.520 grains34.0 gramsGreen/Olive/Salmon£57.99
RSF12580FLOAT/HOVER/S2#1039.0 ft.580 grains38.0 gramsGreen/Olive/Salmon£57.99
RSF12640FLOAT/HOVER/S2#1140.0 ft.640 grains42.0 gramsGreen/Olive/Salmon£57.99
RSF12700FLOAT/HOVER/S2#1142.0 ft.700 grains45.0 gramsGreen/Olive/Salmon£57.99
RS123520HOVER/S2/S3#938.0 ft.520 grains34.0 gramsDk Grey/Grey/Glacial£57.99
RS123580HOVER/S2/S3#1039.0 ft.580 grains38.0 gramsDk Grey/Grey/Glacial£57.99
RS123640HOVER/S2/S3#1140.0 ft.640 grains42.0 gramsDk Grey/Grey/Glacial£57.99
RS123700S2/S3/S5#1142.0 ft.700 grains45.0 gramsDk Grey/Grey/Glacial£57.99
RS235520S2/S3/S5#938.0 ft.520 grains34.0 gramsDk Green/Green/Tan£57.99
RS235580S2/S3/S5#1039.0 ft.580 grains38.0 gramsDk Green/Green/Tan£57.99
RS235640S2/S3/S5#1140.0 ft.640 grains42.0 gramsDk Green/Green/Tan£57.99
RS235700S2/S3/S5#1142.0 ft.700 grains45.0 gramsDk Green/Green/Tan£57.99

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