Polymer Coated Tapered Leader Trout VersiLeader

Polymer Coated Tapered Leader Trout VersiLeader

Product Description

• Colour-coded loops for easy identification
• A complete range of sink rates
• Slim, neat welded loop in the butt for quick rigging
TROUT VERSILEADERS are designed for the fly fisher who needs a quickchange option for convert- ing a floating line to a sink tip. Each VersiLeader is tapered for the best in performance and has a 12lb nylon core coated in PVC. A neat, bullet-proof welded loop at the butt end allows for fast rigging.

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SKUColourSink RatePrice
TV1Clear / Clear Loop1.5 ips£9.99
TV3Brown / Green Loop3.0 ips£9.99
TV4Blue / Red Loop4.0 ips£9.99
TV5Black / Blue Loop5.0 ips£9.99
TV7Black / Black Loop7.0 ips£9.99

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