Mitten Scissor Forceps Curved

Mitten Scissor Forceps Curved

Product Description

A patented combo tool with unique lateral Power Jaws™ that de-barb hooks, crimp split shot and cut braided line, and release fish quickly... Power Jaws™ provide the gripping power of pliers eliminating the need to carry multiple tools. Micro-serrated stainless scissors cut the toughest lines. U.S. Patent #7,114,279
• Unique hook removal collar attached to the curved jaws makes releasing fish quick and safe
• 6.5” (16.5 CM) Mitten clamp forceps allow for opening and locking with one hand.
• Great for gloved hands
• Combination ribbed and smooth jaw surface grips large and small hooks
• Hardened stainless steel scissors will not rust.

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