Kodiac Moulded Reel Case

Kodiac Moulded Reel Case

Product Description

Why it rules: Innovative and tough protection with
a handsome design to hold expensive reels.
• Compression molded, impact-resistant nylon shell
• Foam inserts for added reel protection
• Available in three sizes to fit most fresh and saltwater reels


  • CODE KMRC35 3.5” dia. R.R.P. £16.99
  • KMRC40 4.0” dia. R.R.P. £18.99
  • KMRC45 4.5” dia. R.R.P. £20.99
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Kodiac Moulded Reel Case

KMRC35Small 3.5” dia.Ocean£19.99
KMRC40Medium 4.0” dia.Shale£21.99
KMRC45Large 4.5” dia.Rust£23.99

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