InTouch Switch Chucker

InTouch Switch Chucker


Product Description

AN EASY CASTING, POWERFUL LINE with a short head for throwing streamers, indicators and sink tips
• Short, powerful head for effortless casts
• Easily handles sink tips and indicator rigs
The Chucker is a very easy casting, extremely powerful line with a short-head designed to cast indicators, sink tips and large flies. It is the best choice of Switch line for fishing at close quarters and for any Switch rod user who wants the casting to be as easy as possible.



  • DualTone
  • Front Loop
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SKUTypeSizeLengthHead WeightHead LengthColourPrice
ISC6Floating#6100.0 ft.420 gr.25.0 ft.Grey/Orange/Green£89.99
ISC7Floating#7100.0 ft.465 gr.25.0 ft.Grey/Orange/Green£89.99
ISC8Floating#8100.0 ft.520 gr.25.0 ft.Grey/Orange/Green£89.99
ISC9Floating#9100.0 ft.570 gr.25.0 ft.Grey/Orange/Green£89.99

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