Product Description

"THE PERFECT LINE FOR ROLL and single handed Spey casts
• Incredibly easy roll and overhead casting line design
• Ultra-low stretch core for maximum performance
• DualTone system to easily identify loading area
• Thick handling section lengthens out the head for stability and control
The Single Handed Spey line has been designed to be a fantastic tool for anglers that prefer/need to perform roll and single-handed Spey casts. The rear weight distribution loads a rod deeply in the tightest of quarters, allowing anglers to make long, effortless casts with obstacles close behind. Though primarily designed for roll casting, this line also performs exceptionally easy overhead casts with incredibly smooth loop control. Built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore the line provides groundbreaking levels of sensitivity and performance."

The new F/H/I version of this line has a triple-density ( floating, hover, intermediate) coating, that is perfect for swinging wet flies across fast, uneven flows, or for stripping streamers for autumn browns. The multi density coating ensures the fly stays down, yet easily allows for complex mends and line control.



  • DualTone
  • Front Loop
  • Back Loop
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InTouch Single Hand Spey

SKUTypeSizeLengthHead WeightHead LengthColourPrice
ISING3FloatingWF380.0 ft.155 gr33.0 ft Peach/Camo£84.99
ISING4FloatingWF490.0 ft.175 gr33.0 ft Peach/Camo£84.99
ISING5FloatingWF590.0 ft.200 gr33.0 ftPeach/Camo£84.99
ISING6FloatingWF690.0 ft.230 gr33.0 ftPeach/Camo£84.99
ISING7FloatingWF790.0 ft.260 gr33.0 ftPeach/Camo£84.99
ISING8FloatingWF890.0 ft.300 gr33.0 ftPeach/Camo£84.99

InTouch Single Hand Spey 3D F/H/I

SKUTypeSizeLengthHead WeightHead LengthColourPrice
IS3D4Float / Hover / IntermediateWF480.0 ft.175 gr33.0 ft Camolux/Glacial/Peach/Camo£84.99
IS3D5Float / Hover / IntermediateWF590.0 ft.200 gr33.0 ft Camolux/Glacial/Peach/Camo£84.99
IS3D6Float / Hover / IntermediateWF690.0 ft.230 gr33.0 ftCamolux/Glacial/Peach/Camo£84.99
IS3D7Float / Hover / IntermediateWF790.0 ft.260 gr33.0 ftCamolux/Glacial/Peach/Camo£84.99
IS3D8Float / Hover / Intermediate WF890.0 ft.300 gr33.0 ftCamolux/Glacial/Peach/Camo£84.99

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