Gulff Resins

Gulff Resins

Product Description

Design, create and pimp fantastic flies using a wide range of Gulff UV resin products. Quick to cure these coloured resins are high-quality and guaranteed to be tack-free.
Resins and UV flashlights are specially designed for the needs of fly tiers and UV resin professionals. Gulff is one of the only manufacturers offering effective 365nm UV flashlights tailored for fly-tying. Clear and coloured Gulff resin products can be used for realistic flies, strike points, predator streamers, worms, dark details, fly body building and clear finishing – in fact almost anything.

Resins include:

CLASSIC for general nymph bonding and fly tying (2 sizes)
FATMAN BUILDER for predator flies, fly body and head building (2 sizes)
RED ALERT for worms and strike points
NATURAL NYMPH GREEN for realistic flies
NATURAL NYMPH BROWN for realistic flies
PINK ATTACK for rainbow trout flies, strike points and attractive bodies
GLOWING GREEN for in the dark glowing nymphs, heads, bodies and strike points
BLACK MAGIC for heads, bodies and backs
SHRIMP for realistic shrimp flies"


  • 9 types of resin to choose from
  • Guaranteed tack free
  • Cures quickly
  • 365nm UV flashlightt
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Gulff Resins

GU15CClassic Clear15ml£15.99
GU15CFFatman Clear15ml£15.99
GU15RRed Alert15ml£15.99
GU15NGNymph Green15ml£15.99
GU15NBNymph Brown15ml£15.99
GU15PPink Attack15ml£15.99
GU15GGGlow Green15ml£15.99
GU15BLKBlack Magic15ml£15.99
GU50CClassic Clear50ml£34.99
GU50CFFatman Clear50ml£34.99

Pro UV Light

GUFP365NM 3W£39.99

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