CLICK Series

CLICK Series


Product Description

Sage's new CLICK Series reels are a performance and cosmetic upgrade from the original CLICK series. The enhanced CLICK features larger arbor diameters creating a larger palming area for fighting fish and quicker line retrieval while maintaining backing capacities.

The CLICK aesthetic has been elevated through new hole patterns and a refreshed, modern design that speaks to its lightweight and minimalist yet functional characteristics. The proven performance of the adjustable click and pawl drag design of the original is featured in this new CLICK reel series.


  • Adjustable click and pawl drag design to prevent over-spooling
  • Larger palming rim for greater control during the fight
  • Ultra-large arbor for fast line pick-up
  • Concave arbor for greater strength and capacity
  • Fully machined 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum
  • Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity
  • Hard anodized for surface protection and corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy conversion from left- to right-hand retrieve
  • Neoprene and embroidered ballistic nylon reel case
  • Colors: Bronze, Stealth, Lime
  • Reel price from £229.00
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CLICK Series Reels - Items in BLACK = UK stock items. Items in GREY = available to order

SKULines WtYardsBacking (Lbs)Diameter InchWidth InchWeight (Oz)To Fit RodsColourPrice
CLICK012Z1/2/075203 1/81 3/162 5/16Single Hand 0-2Bronze£239.99
CLICK345Z3/4/5100203 7/161 1/42 5/8Single Hand 3-5Bronze£259.99
CLICK456Z4/5/6100203 3/41 5/163Single Hand 4-6Bronze£269.99
CLICK012L1/2/075203 1/81 3/162 5/16Single Hand 0-2Lime£239.99
CLICK345L3/4/5100203 7/161 1/42 5/8Single Hand 3-5 Lime£259.99
CLICK456L4/5/6100203 3/41 5/163Single Hand 4-6Lime£269.99
CLICK012B1/2/075203 1/81 3/162 5/16Single Hand 0-2Stealth£239.99
CLICK345B3/4/5100203 7/161 1/42 5/8Single Hand 3-5Stealth£259.99
CLICK456B4/5/6100203 3/41 5/163Single Hand 4-6Stealth£269.99

CLICK Series Spools - Items in BLACK = UK stock items. Items in GREY = available to order

SKULines WtYardsBacking (Lbs)Diameter InchWidth InchWeight (Oz)To Fit RodsColourPrice
CLICK012ZS1/2/075203 1/81 3/162 5/16Single Hand 0-2Bronze£129.99
CLICK345ZS3/4/5100203 7/161 1/42 5/8Single Hand 3-5Bronze£139.99
CLICK456ZS4/5/6100203 3/41 5/163Single Hand 4-6Bronze£149.99
CLICK012LS1/2/075203 1/81 3/162 5/16Single Hand 0-2Lime£129.99
CLICK345LS3/4/5100203 7/161 1/42 5/8Single Hand 3-5 Lime£139.99
CLICK456LS4/5/6100203 3/41 5/163Single Hand 4-6Lime£149.99
CLICK012BS1/2/075203 1/81 3/162 5/16Single Hand 0-2Stealth£129.99
CLICK345BS3/4/5100203 7/161 1/42 5/8Single Hand 3-5Stealth£139.99
CLICK456BS4/5/6100203 3/41 5/163Single Hand 4-6Stealth£149.99

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