15’ Replacement Sink Tips

15’ Replacement Sink Tips

Product Description

15’ replacement tips for Vesitips and Skagit lines. Each tip has a colour coded loop at the rear and is is printed with the tip size. Attach the printed end to the fly line. The selection includes a clear intermediate, a DC Type 3 Sinking, a DC Type 6 Sinking and a DC Type 8 Sinking tip, packaged in a RIO shooting head wallet.

SH15F 15’ Floating tips
SH15i 15' Sink Tips Intermediate
SH153 15' Sink Tips Sink 3
SH156 15' Sink Tips Sink 6
SH158 15' Sink Tips Sink 8

During 2016, these tips will move to ConnectCore. The ConnectCore Intermediate tip will be grey coloured. Others will be identical to the current versions.


  • Front Loop
  • Back Loop
  • Easy ID loops
  • Density Compensation
  • (not on Intermediate tips)
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SKUSizesSink RateLoop ColourPrice
SH15F7wt - 10wtFloatingStraw£24.99
SH15i7wt - 10wt1.5 ipsClear£24.99
SH1537wt - 10wt3.-4 ipsYellow£24.99
SH1567wt - 10wt6-7 ipsGrey£24.99
SH1588wt - 10 wt8-9 ipsGreen£24.99

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