10’ Replacement Sink Tips

10’ Replacement Sink Tips

Product Description

10ft replacement tips for VersiTip, Scandi Body and Skagit lines. Each tip has a colour coded loop at the rear, and is printed with the tip size. Attach the printed end to the fly line.

SH10F 10’ Floating tips
SH10i 10' Sink Tips Intermediate
SH103 15' Sink Tips Sink 3
SH106 10' Sink Tips Sink 6

During 2016, these tips will move to ConnectCore. The ConnectCore Intermediate tip will be grey coloured. Others will be identical to the current versions.


  • Front Loop
  • Back Loop
  • Easy ID loops
  • Density Compensation
  • (S3 and S6 Tips)
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SKUSizesSink RateLoop ColourPrice
SH10F5wt - 9wtFloatingStraw£19.99
SH10i5wt - 9wt1.5 ipsClear£19.99
SH1035wt - 9wt3 - 4 ipsYellow£19.99
SH1065wt - 9wt6 - 7 ipsGrey£19.99

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